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Posted 05-29-09

dtwenge  RLC™# 38567

Looking forward to seeing what the Funny Money will look like blue w/ Real Riders.

beerchamp  RLC™# 21651

How much extra cost is there to do both wheels? Example: instead of 8000 made with Neo's, do 4k with Neo's and 4k with RR's.

HWC Marketing Staffer  RLC™# 20212

I don't think we will ever be able to split the run like that. Every time I have ever seen it done it is a catastrophe! I don't think the sales will really increase; some people are just never happy! Well, maybe until the cars are made out of 24K Gold and only cost 9.99!

armataz  RLC™# 1903

LOL Gotta love a sense of humor. You know for 9.99 we would expect diamond headlights and ruby taillights... and a platnumn base plate.  

alleny2  RLC™# 51937

Don't ya mean POLISHED platinum base?  

armataz  RLC™# 1903

That kinda goes without saying, doesn't it? Who's ever heard of un polished platinumn?  

beegle  RLC™# 4339

Who's ever heard of un polished platinumn?

These are 'Hot' Wheels we're talking about, so the base should be unpolished plutonium ... !

2009 Nuke Models

After 40 years, the hottest metal cars in the world have truly become "hot" wheels! This summer, we're introducing our 2009 Nuke Models® Series!

These extremely limited-edition cars utilize not only our special nickel-plated Hotter Than Ever™ axles, but have base pieces milled (not cast) from pure Plutonium-238! We've equipped some of your favorite castings with the same stuff used as a power source for heart pacemakers and satellites. Plutonium-238 was even used in the Voyager space probe!

Each car in the 2009 Nuke Models® Series comes packaged on a special "Three-Mile Island" blister card created just for this series. The artwork features the car itself in front of a nuclear power plant. To better protect the rest of your collection, the card front is printed with lead-based inks in a full-bleed image for complete coverage. To top it off, each card is affixed with a glow-in-the-dark Radiation Warning sticker.

The card stock itself is thicker than that used in our main lines, and the blister is molded from a sturdy heat-resistant thermoplastic. For additional safety, each 2009 Nuke Models® vehicle will be shipped in a Kar Keepers™ containment chamber.

Models soon to be appearing in this line include:

  • 2010 Ford Nukestang
  • Plutonium Passion
  • Atomic AMX
  • Unobtainium 235
  • Radioactive Rodzilla

Made in exceptionally limited amounts (quantity to be announced later), each BRR™ Club 2009 Nuke Models™ release is priced at $9.99 plus D&P (decontaminating & processing) each. There is a purchase limit of ONE vehicle per BRR™ Club membership on the first day of availability. These cars have a half-life of 88 years, but they're not going to be in the BRRC™ Shop that long— so get 'em while they're hot!

Note: Due to safety concerns, the isotope we use, plutonium-238, is not useful for nuclear weapons. However, it generates significant heat through its decay process. Metallic plutonium reacts chemically with oxygen and water, which may result in an accumulation of plutonium hydride, a pyrophoric substance that will ignite in air at room temperature. Therefore, these vehicles are not for use with track sets.

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