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You wanted the best – you GOT the best!

The hottest metal cars in the world have the coolest collector club in the world! So cool, your teeth will chatter — BRR®!

Hot Wheels® fans have spoken, and we listened! Now we're giving you what you asked for! This year, we'll be offering more Vehicles That Are Not Cars than ever before! 'Cause, dude, Hot Wheels™ cars are like so forty-one years ago!

Beginning at 9:00 AM PT on April 1, current RLC™ members will have a one-week window to transfer their memberships over to the new Blue Real Riders Club®. One week later, we'll open the club up and grant a chilly reception to new members. Remember that memberships are limited – don't get left out in the cold!

The Membership Kit

Each BRR® member will receive exclusive Membership Kit items. These include the following:

  • A Blue Real Riders® Exclusive club vehicle. While other clubs are going down, the Blue Real Riders® Club is still flying high! Sure, they say flying while high is illegal, but when you're soaring like this... nothing goes down smoother than a few shots of 180 proof Propper Chopper™!

    Except maybe yo' momma.

    Since members show an overwhelming fondness for Things That Are Not Cars, we're letting this casting fly free, to bring new members into the Blue Real Riders® Club!

    And we're also getting rid of that annoying Chrome Club Car tradition, while honoring our fine City workers with a set of municipal-themed vehicles— for no reason except it means we don't have to do the chrome thing!

    What song is it y'all wanna hear? Three birds! We heard it then! So we're making three different versions!
    Signifying the year we changed the industry with tires that look and feel like the real thing, the 1,983 first-responders who sign up will be assaulted by our Cop Copter™, which hasn't been seen in this deco since it appeared in the Police Force 5-pack almost 20 years ago! Clad in our ultra hot Permafrost™ enamel paint, It's on patrol and ready to bring you in— to the Blue Real Riders® Club!

    We're all fired up about our second offering— the Fire Flyer™! This Chopper has all-new markings over a spicy coat of ultra hot Glossy Saucy Red™ enamel. We'll be using this one to hose the next 2,009 members. So drop this accelerant into your collection and set off the alarms— with flames from the Blue Real Riders® Club!

    Our final offering is the Life Flight Medevac Chopper™! Whether or not you get burned by the Fire Flyer™, your heart will stop when this medical emergency lands in your collection, bringing you immediate assistance! (Backordered until April 1.) This one may send you into shock, but you won't need Blue Cross & Blue Shield— you've got the Blue Real Riders® Club!

    Please note: The color of the car is not determined by your BRR® number; it is determined by the order in which membership requests are received.

  • Exclusive BRR® poster. Painted by our own legendary former artist Al Kayda!
  • Personalized membership card. Due to the downturn in the U.S. economy, and the credit score of the Blue Real Riders® Club itself, this card is no longer accepted by millions of merchants, restaurants and retailers worldwide. Good for discount admission at our National Convention!
  • Holographic guitar pick. In the immortal words of John Cougar Mellencamp: "Everybody plays guitar." So here's another item of dubious usefulness! Displays original Hot Wheels® artist Oddo Kooney's rendition of the Blue Real Riders® Life Flight Propper Chopper!

BRR Exclusive Cars - Priority Window

Blue Real Riders Club™ members will be given the first shot at picking up each BRRExclusive car when it becomes available! All BRR™ members who want some will have a chance to order up to ten of each Blue Real Riders™ car. Each car is wrapped in tissue paper and shipped Parcel Post in a padded manila envelope. There will be a purchase limit of twelve vehicles per BRR™ Club membership on the first week of availability. Ordering during this BRR™ 7-day Priority Window is your best chance to take advantage of these factory offers. If quantities remain after the BRR™ Priority Week, they will become available only through hobby stores, mass retailers, and in McDonald's® Happy Meals™. Don't miss your window of opportunity!

We have some castings lined up for our second year that will make collectors' fever burn hotter than ever! Look for the high-flying Madd Propz® to return as the BRR™ Exclusive Blue Bird 2.0®! And that may not be our only Bluebird, either! Of course, a first-generation Camaro® ought to make its way into the BRR™ lineup this year!

You've been telling us for some time that you want to see us restore certain vehicles. A very special one of your requests finally returns this year as a BRR™ special edition. It would just be the pits if you missed it...

If that doesn't have you feeling blue... stick around. There are even more favorites where these came from! Trucks, busses, bikes... and maybe a Volkswagen™ or two!

Member's Choice Exclusive Cars

Blue Real Riders memberships are limited to 155 per household and are only valid for one year. Current BRR™ Club members will have one week to renew before the club opens to the public, retailers, scalpers, and family pets. Memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some vehicles may not be available upon ordering.

No refunds. No exchanges.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

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