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Posted 10-01-08

The most nutritious metal cars in the world!

We start with the best cuts of plastic interior, with no fillers or by-products, and wrap them in a crunchy zamac shell. The pieces are sauteed in rich creamery zinc, and coated with a delicious Spectraflame® glaze. Served with two vegetable side dishes and a dessert item, you can microwave these meals to go from BRR® in your freezer to Ultra Hot™ on your table in minutes!

Soon to be available in three variations: Horsemeat, made with the choicest grade-A 100% and Vintage Mustang castings; Fish Sticks, consisting of genuine North Atlantic Baitenswitch Barracuda; and bringing up the rear (in more ways than one), boneless Chevy wings with Ultra Hot™ seasoning make up The Heartburn of America dinner. This is some mean cuisine!

Let the Blue Real Riders™ Club enhance your dinner experience and ensure you're always prepared for company. By stocking up on Supper Selections™, you will have everything on hand for an instant no-fuss playdate. You can unwind and take a moment for yourself, before your guests arrive while a Horsemeat™ dinner cooks to perfection in the oven. And the best part — no baking dishes to scrub, so you can just relax and enjoy your guests.

We're also working on a Screaming Chicken dinner with delicious Hot Birds™, and an Orange Track Snack platter, both to be introduced after the initial three meals have hit the market. So save some room for pie!

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