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Regarding the 2008 RLC™ sELECTIONs® '67 Ford Mustang™
The last of the blue Real Riders™ sELECTIONs® cars

BARRY: "She's the last of the Blue Real Riders! You can shut the gate on this one. It's the duck's guts! Yeah, she's the last of the Blue Real Riders... Spectraflame paint, special deco, limited edition..."

GOOSE: "Tell him about the wheels—"

BARRY: "Real Riders, man! Rubber on the road! She's meanness put to music and this baby is born to run!"

GOOSE: "He's in a coma, man! He loves it!"

MAX: "How the heck did you get this all together?"

BARRY: "It just happened, Max, you know? A vote from here and a vote from there..."

MAX: "That easy?"

GOOSE: "Come on, Max. You've seen it, you've held it, and you're still asking questions?"

MAX: [Pauses, and starts to grin.] "So... when do we tear open the blister!?"

This was the eighth consecutive sELECTIONs® car to be equipped with retail-class Real Riders® wheels instead of the HWC-exclusive re-engineered "Neo-Classics" torsion suspension wheelsets.

And of those eight cars, the voting determined that five of them would be some shade of blue.

The resulting furor over blue Real Riders® cars culminated with a reply from a HWC Marketing staffer:


Originally posted by 69sscamaro:
BRR's are just not cutting it! Mattel should know this by now. Even though people keep voting for them in the sELECTIONs series, the masses don't want them. I think it would have done better in the Neo series, IMO, without the blue paint.

Maybe you're right. [A Blue Real Riders car has] become a tradition on the site, but maybe it's time to re-evaluate that for 2009 and put it out to pasture.
-- HWC Staff

Nearly 7900 cars were made, and nine months later, collectors began to receive the blue Real Riders® Mustang. It was stendeck who first noticed another "issue":

Seems like someone stole the engine! The front sits a wee bit high to me. Or am I not seeing this correctly?