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Hot Wheels® has manufactured Neet Streeters™ for over 30 years.

In that time, no Neet Streeter™ has ever received windows or tires.

The worst thing about missing these parts is how it robs Neet Streeters™ of their dignity. How it slowly but steadily steals their self-respect, until they lose faith in people, in the world, and in themselves. But when YOU make the heroic decision to sponsor a Neet Streeter™ through the Glass for Streeters® program, you stop those missing pieces from stealing that car's diginity and self-respect. You give your sponsored car a new life and a new future. Your decision to sponsor a car now, will change your sponsored car's life forever!

Sometimes it's easy to think that there's little you can do to solve big problems like cheapened Hot Wheels® cars. After months of caring for Neet Streeters™ worldwide, we want to assure you that YOU CAN make a lasting difference! Every car you help matters!

It is truly amazing how much your donations can do for a car in need. The Blue Real Riders® Club's Glass for Streeters® program uses your sponsorship contributions to provide your sponsored Neet Streeter™ with the finest surgical care, new shoes, a new coat, and most importantly, the plastic windowglass that it desperately needs.

Glass for Streeters® also uses your sponsorship donations, combined with donations from sponsors of other Neet Streeters™, to support programs and facilities that change Hot Wheels®. The BRR Club® staff and Glass for Streeters® volunteers are dedicated to lobbying Mattel® and Hot Wheels® to add windowglass to all future Neet Streeter™ releases. Getting involved with Glass for Streeters® makes a lasting impact on both donors and cars.

Please, help bring hope to the life of a needy Neet Streeter™. You can give a car a chance at a better life right now. And when you sponsor a car through Glass for Streeters®, you just may find it changes your life in return.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter™ has never had the windows or rubber tires it so clearly deserves

Glass for Streeters™