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blue sheep

Blue Real Riders™ Sheep

Since BRR Club™ members can vote in our Members Choicepolls, you might call this sheep a polled Dorset! Order this adorable plush today, and show that you're a part of the herd!


2009 BRR™ Drag Bus Club Membership

This year, BRR Club™ members can look forward to a bunch of cool new items, all exclusive to the BRR Club™. But those are just the tangible benefits! BRR® membership automatically enrolls you in the super special Drag Bus Club™ with exclusive access to special content, lame Photoshops, articles, whining complaints, and more! Join today!


"Sucker" Cotton Tee Shirt

New for '09! Our black T-shirt features the Drag Bus Collectors™ logo with the tagline inspired by P.T. "Cruiser" Barnum: "There's one born every minute!" Fabulous babes are still not included.


Blue Real Riders Club™ Cotton Tee

There's got to be a T-shirt. A club just doesn't look and feel like the real thing without an official club T-shirt. So here's a T-shirt! Fabulous babe not included.



Get up in the morning 'bout six A.M. — have a little jelly, have a little jam. Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot — push down the lever and the wires get hot. Make toast. YEAH, TOAST!!

The BRR Club Teapot Toaster comes in chrome, Spectraflame® Ice Blue, and Spectraflame® Race Team blue.


Blue "REEL Riders" Fishing Pole with Red Line

Snag the Hunts from the pegs or spank the door warmers! Pallet fishers will love this lightweight pole with electronic audio! Choose between one of three sounds: Peaceful Pond, Babbling Brook... or Norwegian Death Metal! Fishing pole telescopes from 24 inches to an amazing 2 feet long!

Now available in Green!


Zamac™ 164

For members who think rubbers cut down on the redline feeling, we'll go all the way! One box of Zamac 164 contains twelve Real Riders™ 5-spoke wheels, pre-installed on straight-axles— enough to re-fit 3 complete cars! And if you've never done it to a car before, each box comes with full instructions. Just open her up, and ram these axles all the way in— one in front and one in the rear. Your cars will be begging you to drill 'em all night long!


Real Riders™ Wheel Covers

Rubber fans, rejoice! For BRR® club members only, we've redesigned our Ultra Hots™ tires to slip over your redline or Neo-Classics™ car's original wheels! These wheel covers even hide those red stripes! Now your cool blue car can look like everything else on the market! Sold in sets of four (2 small, 2 large).

Note: Installing wheel covers may decrease wheel mobility.


Rubber Tree in BRR Club™ Pot

Genuine rubber tree is culled from Matell's plantation in Cuba. These rubber trees regularly kill prey as large as pigs and small deer, and have been known to bring down adult water buffalo. So — these awesome plants are only available to BRR Club™ members!

Each tree is shipped in a Tree Keeper™ plastic pot with our ubiquitous BRR Club™ logo, to add a welcome touch of elegance to any decor!


Ultra Hots® Army Drone

Taken from the popular comic strip The Dust-Up (Illustrated), the Ultra Hots® Army is dedicated to wiping out the small surviving band of redline warriors. Our version of this mindless, unfeeling robot Hot Wheeler stands six feet tall! With parts containing zinc, magnesium, aluminum, and copper, each drone is fully articulated, and comes complete with Rubberizer gun accessory.


BRR™ Fireworks Assortment

You may not be the first person to mix fireworks with Hot Wheels®, but you can be the baddest! Our ultra-hot BRR Club® assortment contains over 90 first-class explosives! Drop a mainline down a mortar or tape a redline to a rocket! Either way, these are guaranteed to fire up your collection!


Leftover Swag

After our Silver Anniversary convention in Paducah, KY last year, we had a few "25 Years of Rubber" patches left over— and you can have one! Fully-embroidered patch measures 3 inches square, and has an iron-on backing perfect for appying to our Club T-shirts — or any other cloth (not rubber) apparel.

We'll also throw in a 4" window cling from last fall's Back 2 Cool Sale Abrasion! The decal features a stylized Back 2 Cool Bus Event Car, riding on the floodwaters of New Orleans. Get both items at one blowout price!