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Posted 03-03-09

Two new cars spell double trouble

It's Labor Day— the time of year traditionally set aside for outdoor grilling and end-of-summer parties! And nothing goes better on the grill than an Oscar MayerWeinermobile®!

Everyone will be in love with our Blue Real Riders® Club version! It's a nod to pure Americana, coated in ultra hots Perma Frost™ Frozen Blue enamel paint and wearing Goodyear-lettered five-spoke Real Riders® wheels! If you wish you had an Oscar Mayer™ Weinermobile, our BRR® Club sale is where you want to be!

For the holiday, we stocked up on this meaty monster, since we know that kids will love them, too! We should have enough to feed our members' appetites, but we still have to limit your purchases to a package of eight.

Each car features special packaging designed to look like a miniature pack of Oscar Mayer™ hot dogs. Priced at $6.95 plus R&P (rendering & processing) each, your Blue Real Riders® Club membership entitles you to EIGHT of each model when they go on sale this Labor Day at lunchtime. If quantities remain after the BRR® 24-hour "cooking time", Blue Real Riders® Club members may purchase more, while supplies last.

While Labor Day comes with hot dogs and picnics, picnics unfortunately often come with insects!

On Tuesday, September 11th, at 8:46 AM EST, we'll be flipping on the light to watch these Weevils scurry away! There are a limited number here, and once collectors start going after 'em, they'll disappear quickly! They may be the only thing to survive a nuclear war, but they probably won't survive 9/11!

To keep them from breeding and starting an infestation, we're limiting the offer to one Weevil per BRR™ membership. As always, this speedy insectoid will be available on a first-come, first-served basis only while supplies last.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

Glass for Streeters
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