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Posted 07-17-09

Beatnik Gremlin Too

The Blue Real Riders Club, in conjunctivitis with the artisans at the New SouthPark Order, is pleased to introduce the Beatnik Gremlin Too®!

Combining the best of both worlds, this model avoids those pesky licensing issues with an attitude! This pre-hippie pest wears original-style Turbinelike Real Riders™ shoes, and a coat of our PermaFrost™ paint in Xanadu Blue. It's dark, but not as dark as my soul!

It's got a face only a Rat Fink™ could love, kissing up to an all-American (Motors) rear end! There's even a touch of Demon™ in its personality, just like the real Beatnik Gremlin™! The difference is, you can run it in bright light, you can get it wet, and you can feed it to the dog after midnight!

The Beatnik Gremlin Too's blown engine screams VUM VUM, and it's getting ready to tear up your town, your house, and your wallet! And all this can be yours if — The Price Is Right™!

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