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Hot Wheels® Her Pleasure™ is now your pleasure!

Petite and discreet, from the brand you trust most, the Hot Wheels® Her Pleasure™ Pit Crew Car® massager is the perfect little aid to create big pleasure, providing thrilling vibrations right at your fingertips. This small yet powerful vibrator, Hot Wheels® Her Pleasure™ Pit Crew Car® personal fingertip massager features unique textures and gentle, rhythmic vibrations to add increased stimulation.

The Hot Wheels® Pit Crew Car® is a toy-chest workhorse. The shiny silver ovoid is perfectly shaped to fit into a variety of sheaths or harnesses. Powered by one AAA battery, this little dynamo whirs with surprising intensity and often lasts for years. All for less money than some people spend on a day's worth of espresso drinks!

The Pit Crew Car's® jelly soft, nubby smooth, textured wheels are great for anyone who is looking for a vibrator to offer them some G-Spot or prostate stimulation. And because they're made out of synthetic petro-plastic polymer, you can be guaranteed superior hygiene with this toy, making it easy to clean and keep clean.

Everything you need from Hot Wheels® Her Pleasure™

Complete with a personal plush storage pouch, battery, textured latex wheels, and a BRR™ Club premium latex condom, the Hot Wheels® Pit Crew Car® vibrating massager is ready for use and is shipped discreetly to your door.

See what Sexual Health Expert & Certified Sex Educator, Logan Levkoff, has to say about the Hot Wheels® Pit Crew Car® personal massager:

"It's a small vibe that is easy to use with a partner or by yourself."
"Use it anywhere you would use a normal vibrator or massager."
"Having an orgasm allows us to be fully engaged in sex, feel good about our bodies, feel good about our sexuality, and all of that translates to a better relationship with our partners."
"A recent Berman Center study found a link between vibrator use and overall well being. American women aren't only using vibrators but they contribute to their health as well."
"Sexual pleasure isn't just about feeling good, it's essential to our sexual health and thankfully we now have the power to have both at our fingertips."
The Pit Crew Car® personal massager "helps you and your partner add heightened pleasure, together."

Here are all the specs for this special release:

  • Hand-rubbed Warm Chrome finish
  • Real Riders™ 5-spoke blackwall wheels
  • Minimal tampos — no wild Real Riders™-themed graphics
  • Full-metal jacketed, plated chassis
  • Tinted windshield with <2% UV protection
  • One AAA battery not included

Shipping in a Hot Wheels® Kar Keepers™ sheath, each Hot Wheels® Pit Crew Car® is priced at only $19.99 plus S&H (shipping & handling). There will be a purchase limit of two vehicles per BRR™ Club membership on the first week of availability. If quantities remain after the BRR™ Priority Week, it will become available to hobby stores, mass retailers, and adult venues. This item is available on a first-come, first-served basis only while supplies last.

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