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Posted 05+04=09


For 72 years, J.R.R. Tolkien has rocked the literary world with stories that capture the essence of fantasy, dragons, and danger— the hallmarks of the Hot Wheels® brand. In 2001, ELijah Wood became the hero of the most popular re-telling of these stories when he starred in United Artists' Lord of the Rings trilogy of films.

We celebrate this unparalleled history with the launch of the all-new BRR™ Club Elijah Wood Frodo's Garage: 8 Years of Tolkein line. Kicking it off is the classic A-OK™ car with Real Riders® wheels, redesigned for 2009!

This collector favorite has only been released a handful of times over the years. Based on the Ford Model A, the A-OK™ was introduced back in 1978 in green as part of the Flying Colors lineup. In 1981, it reappeared in three variations. It was last seen in 2008, when the casting was re-tooled for the Since '68™ line.

All of which brings us to 2009. This updated version is more than just okay, it's truly awesome! Cast in the fires of Mordor by Elijah Wood himself, it's covered in PermaFrost™ aqua paint, wears a Middle Earth Car Club deco on both sides, and is topped in flat black. Black running boards, VUM grille and engine, and Real Riders® deep-dish wheels with red stripes complete the package. It's features like these that'll make this a must-have for your collection:

  • First release in the new Frodo's Garage: 8 Years of Tolkien line!
  • Real Riders® deep-dish wheels with red stripes
  • Metal flake aqua body color and flat black top
  • Black running boards
  • Clear windshield
  • Painted black interior
  • Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis

A Limited Edition of 72, the BRR™ Club Elijah Wood Frodo's Garage: 8 Years of Tolkien A-OK™ is priced at $14.99 plus S&P (shire & processing) each. There is a purchase limit of ONE vehicle per BRR™ Club membership on the first day of availability.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

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