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Posted 03-03-09

New Flying Dill-doze™ Series

From the mind of PLAYINGMANTIS came a phrase so funny, so apropos, that we couldn't let it slide. However, Hot Wheels™ could. The controversial comment was first edited out of existence by hotwheelscollectors.com's official web censor— and then our packaging concept art (based on the 1970s-era Flying Colors™ blisterpack) disappeared. Now it seems our own webhost's filters also disallow the use of the phrase.

But there's a happy ending; with mild perturbation, the Blue Real Riders™ Club is proud (and forced) to introduce a new series of Online Exclusives: The Flying Dill-doze™!

This series, which will only be available through the Blue Real Riders™ website, is our tribute to the salt flats streamliners and the men who set Land Speed Records driving them. The Flying Dill-doze (we refuse to use the more obscure "Electric Cucumbers") were built for speed on the salt, so instead of our common Real Riders™ tires, we will be equipping these hot rods with modified axle-sets from our Faster Than Ever™ line! This should make them shoot down the track, lickety-split!

We're preparing a whole line of rock-hard die-cast vehicles! The Spirit of America is still alive, in three separate versions, along with Art Arfons' Green Monster... And if your wife gives you a hard time about buying all these, just slip her a big black one— the phallic Thrust SSC should satisfy any woman who can handle it!

We may be a bit premature in saying this, but our little Goldenrod will most likely issue first, sometime this spring! Get your hands on one as soon as it's ready, 'cause we expect our Flying Dill-doze™ to buzz out the door at record speed!


Ah, the flying dill-doze of the salt flats. Some things were just not meant to be a Hot Wheels, especially if they don't have a reverse, can't carry more than one passenger and can't turn a corner.

HWC Marketing Staffer  RLC™# 3919

Ah, the flying  Edited - There has to be a better way to say aerodynamic vehicles better than what you are saying  of the salt flats.

quantum  RLC™# 34272

ROFL regarding the Flying You-know-whats

BRR nspo  Admonisher  RLC™# 18673

Hey, I come here to complain about stuff, make fun of stuff, and poke a good-natured ribbing, not to be ostrich-sized and kicked in the head with an iron boot! D'you know what that's like? No, nobody does; never happens. The point is, looks like I picked the wrong day to quit flying you-know-whats...

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