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Posted 07-04-08

Morbid Motors™ Series #2

If you light a brick of firecrackers this Fourth of July, it'll probably sound similar to a fusillade of small arms fire—the last thing heard by lovebirds Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Their romantic final drive is immortalized by the second car in our Morbid Motors online series!

Introducing the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car, based on our all-new '34 Ford Deluxe casting! For the Deluxe's initial release, we're making an extremely limited number available exclusively through the Blue Real Riders™ Club. BRR Club™ members can ambush the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car on Wednesday, May 23 at approximately 9:00 AM, but you'd better be quick on the trigger — we expect them to be gone by 9:15!

The best part is that BRR™ Club members won't have to elude the law or rob a bank! Priced at $16.95 plus S&P (shipping & processing) each, there will be a purchase limit of one car per BRR™ membership. This item is available on a first-come, first-served basis only while supplies last.

Since its creation in 1976, the Neet Streeter has never had windows.

You can change that.

Glass for Streeters
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