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Posted 05-12-09

FourPlay with Horse Tranquilizers—Member's Choice™ poll #2!

And, for the first time, we're making it a four-way stop! For this tranquil event, Blue Real Riders Club™ members will choose between four of our hottest mainlined horse tranks! It's a knock-down, drag-out, rock-and-roll free-for-all between the Concept folks and the GT people, the Shelby crowd fighting the Mustang maniacs, and the 2010 door-warmers racing to be first!

The winning casting will advance to next week's horse race, where we will begin the process of choosing a shade of blue, and a style of Real Riders™ wheels for this release! This poll closes on Friday, July 4.

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stlarry  RLC™# 45462

Why the chrome interior...? Ruins the entire car. The GTO from last year had a painted interior. Why can this one not have that too?

The chrome interior should be saved for the mainline cars, not the $15 cars.

HWC Staffer - Administrator  RLC™# 39998

I'm not a designer, so I don't know what the thought process is on the chrome interior.

1970grandprixsj  RLC™# 43226

Staffer, What is up with the chrome interior on this Firebird? The members all hated it last year because of it looking like doggy doodoo in mainline cars! It was changed to painted on the sELECTIONs GTO. And that car came out AWESOME! WHY then is this being made with a CHROME INTERIOR? Please have them do something about that. This car deserves better and at $14.99 it should be changed! Leave the chrome interiors to mainline cars PLEASE!

eggman90  RLC™# 46243

I'm guessing the chrome interior is more expensive as well. Would rather see the painted white or black interior.

pdmiller  RLC™# 47671

I was going to get this one for sure and I love that they didn't put tampos all over it, but the chrome interior is giving me second thoughts.

psujeepguy  RLC™# 46499

I'm another "non-chrome interior fan"

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

Yeah, chrome interior just gets way too hot in the summer.

Fantasizing about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

Stendeck  RLC™# 2026

Just say no to chrome interiors!

What is it really, that motivates you? The need to fly? Or this fear to stop?

imsofilthy  RLC™# 41094

I hate fake crap. The chrome interior is cheap, gawdy, completely unrealistic, and a total let-down. Why would you make a car with an interior that no car on the planet could possibly have in it? This car was stacking up to be one of the coolest RLC releases ever, and now I am shocked to read that they are planning on ruining it with a freaking chrome interior! Who is in charge of these decisions?

hotrodrascal  RLC™# 25975

Chrome interior should not be in a premium line or in any castings costing more than $1.20.

I enjoy the sElections series and have collected the complete series every year since day one but after this year my wallet will do the talking. No more rubberband RR's and no more chrome interiors.


Bad decision. Chrome interior sux!


OK the cars have not been built yet, sooo lets not build them with a CHROME interior. This is something that can be avoided. So it is obvious that on a Premium RLC car that Members do not want cheap azz chrome interiors, which I agree belong on mainlines and not Club Cars. Please let's not mess up what should be a very nice car. Keep it real and not generic. Sleep on it and fix it. Just my opinion.

St_Jimmy  RLC™# 42157

I agree. Since they haven't been made yet, they should change the interior. I have been on the fence about buying this one, mainly because of the chrome interior. If they changed the interior, I would most surely get at least one. It seems like we RLC members voted and put together a nice looking car, but it still got "ruined" by the cheap chrome interior that wasn't even decided by the RLC members. The Admins should know by now that most collectors do not like chrome interiors. It has been discussed many times on the boards.

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

It seems the Marketing boys are having some problems coming up with a good "tag line" for this new option and have asked for our assistance.

What should be the new "tag line" for the Chrome Interior? Please feel free to add alternatives.

Chrome, so many reflective surfaces that the kids in the back seat don't stand a chance.
Chrome, hotter than vinyl.
Chrome, so much bling you'll want spinner rims too.
Chrome, for that perfect all around tan.
Chrome, it's not just for motors anymore.

Fantasizing about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

MauserBob  RLC™# 35562

I think they oughtta chrome the entire car from now on, bumper to bumper, top to tires.

It's the only way to do it right.

imsofilthy  RLC™# 41094

What about "Chrome: What a stupid idea for an interior!!!!"


"Reflecting Quality"

cguth  RLC™# 31111

Sometimes I get so aggravated because I feel the design team is out of touch! Having said that, maybe they feel the membership is out of touch, we are guilty of voting for the same thing, time after time.

zaphod_nth  RLC™# 42056

Darrell Waltrip can sport his chrome driver's suit and helmet for the ads.

69sscamaro  RLC™# 25372

Chrome interiors make the cars look "cheap" to me. If I wanted a chrome interior I'd go to Wally's! I may just have to break it open just to swap the interior on the Firebird. I NEVER do that since I'm a cardboard collector.

"Chrome interiors come with a lifetime supply of polish!"

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