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Whose Idea Was This?
Quite a few people's — some after it was already online

May 20, 2002     What does RLC stand for?

68Mustanger  RLC™# 2454

I thought RLC stood for Redline Club. So far all the cars I've got have red stripe Real Riders. Now, I'm not knocking the cars I've got so far, they are way cool, but don't you think it should be called the Real Riders Club? I know we have some cars coming out later with retooled Redlines and I'm sure they will be cool, but I think we should have 2 clubs. One for Redlines that has remakes of some of the older Redlines like the 442 and a Real Riders Club for those newer cars with Real Riders.

March 4-6, 2003     BRING BACK REAL RIDERS for the RLC cars!!!

pedalwheels  RLC™# 12630

If you like Real Riders so much, ask Hot Wheels™ for a Real Rider Club. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the Red Line Club. What else is there to say?

mahays  RLC™# 11219

Perhaps they could start up a RRC for those that want them, but then there are the Preferred editions all over the place out there and plenty of premiums if you look for them.

bbussey  RLC™# 348

I don't think a "Real Riders Club" would be a success for exactly the reasons you mentioned - that they are on every premium HW car now. What are all those RR enthusiasts going to do when the wheel is phased out for good within a couple a years? Maybe then, they will start lobbying for a RRC.

October 9, 2003      Amy Answer This II

confederedneck  RLC™# 6300

So redline lovers don't always hate Real Riders but this is the "Red Line Club" and not the "Real Riders Club" so I'm glad to see that the cars have redlines. (Mattel please don't change that!!!)

January 30, 2004      How Many Members Are Here For The Redlines!!

addicted2hws  HWC Member# 280363

Well, if you ask me, and you did, I say it AIN'T a Red Line Club car UNLESS it has redlines. Want Real Riders, start a Real Riders Club.


bbussey  RLC™# 348

We do not need to have the ONLY outlet for RSW-equipped cars to be turned into a de-facto Real Riders Club

March 4, 2004      In the American spirit, vote FOR REAL RIDERS

smeadly  RLC™# 5078

It sounds like the majority of the RLC is comprised of a "Younger Crowd". Meaning, they are not old enough to have grown up with "our" REDLINES. That being said, maybe a third club should evolve from all of this, the RRC (Real Riders Club).

May 4, 2004      "RRRL" - Real Riders Redline Club?

RaceOn  RLC™# 1298

Letting collectors participate in RLC offerings is a great idea but I really believe the Hot Wheels™ team should start a separate club for Real Riders Collectors (i.e. RRC "Real Riders Club" or RRRLC "Real Riders Redline Club") and stop "mixing" Classic Redlines with Real Rider Redlines in the SAME club.

lpd6969  RLC™# 24206

I like both wheels; there is no need for separate clubs. The RR club and the "I'm gonna whine if its not RSW" club?

beamer128  HWC Member# 307041

I don't like this idea. We're all Hot Wheels™ fans. We can't go splitting up into small groups. We must stay together in a large, strong Hot Wheels™ collecting community!


I think that it would be great to have a Real Riders Club also.

July 17, 2005      Ghost Flames?

Flying Colors  RLC™# 2530

I also do not like the Real Riders, this is the Redline Club, there needs to be a Real Riders Club if you want Real Riders.

February 4-7, 2006      Wouldn't that be sweet if the rlc rewards car doesn't roll either!

HWGreg  RLC™# 1111

I think Mattel needs to start a Real Riders club... Then us RSW fans will be able to get castings (retools of the 68 - 77 era) that we want from the RED LINE Club.

Ace Decade  RLC™# 20326

Now that's a club I would join! I LOVE the Real Riders, I can't stand when they put those Redlines on my favorite castings.

quantum  RLC™# 34272

Me too - RLs were nice on the originals, but they're not very realistic. I like the RRs.

February 12-14, 2006      Your Choice

signman46534  RLC™# 23749

RLC Red Line Club or the RRC Real Riders Club?

kevsdad01  RLC Member# 22486

I don't believe that when they started this club back in 2001/2002, that they meant for the name Red Line Club to mean that all cars would come with Red Lines. Red Line Cars are a big part of Hot Wheel history. The name Real Riders Club doesn't stick out like Red Line Club.

May 7, 2006      HWC Radio Flyer Wagon Petition

ferrari512s  RLC™# 38064

If enough collectors would like to see the expansion of other Hot Wheels™ clubs then this should be raised to Mattel. It appears there are numerous collectors for a "Real Riders Club" and possibly a Hot Wheels™ club dedicated to more current models being released.

June 5-23, 2007      Changing the name of the RLC club...

hotwheeler  RLC™# 28386

Should Mattel possibly change the name of the club to the Real Riders Club? That's all everybody wants these days, that's all that wins in the sELECTIONs contest as well.

HWC Staffer - Administrator

Okay, okay... Would you really want the name of the club to change? Maybe you should wait 'til the end of the year before you try to make that case...

ferrari512s  RLC™# 38064

Long live the new club... Where authentic rubber wheels roam proud and free! If enough collectors want to see the club name changed to Real Riders Club then what Mattel could do is create another club and call it just that. Every car released will have a type of Real Rider tire and the club will live happily ever after.

billypea  HWC™# 203485

Sorry but Real Riders Club is a little too Brokeback Mountain for me...

nascar59  HWC™# 424977

"The Real Rider Club" is becoming a reality, no need for a name change, I just call it as I see it.

June 30, 2007      2008 BCWRRC let's get it jump started

notsopersonal  RLC™# 22844

Blue Car With Real Rider's Club

If you can't beat them, go with it.

Let's pick next years blue car with RR's castings now. I mean, for 2008 sELECTIONs, what four cars would look killer in blue with RR's?

July 8, 2007      NEW RLC VINTAGE Level for next years club?


Should change the club name to Real Riders Club instead of Redline Club. Too sad.

mastermillwright  HWC™# 421666

They need to get the first club straight before they can start another club.

cpdstars27  RLC™# 45108

Here is the way I look at this debate. This is the REDLINE CLUB!!! Not the real rider club.

January 25, 2008      sELECTIONs poll translated...

gglenn  RLC™# 5291

We like consistency here. Now if we could just get it in blue with 5-spoke Real Riders, we will be set.

February 25-March 4, 2008      Last years selections all over again!

don_schuerholz  RLC™# 24825

Can we ever get something new around here? It seems as if it is the same thing every year. Spectraflame blue with red-striped real riders.

serrell  RLC™# 43940

Until a winning color is excluded for the remainder of that year we will probably be seeing a lot of blue with real riders.

blz57  RLC™# 1767

How many castings have been offered that should have had RSW's on them, but end up with RR's? (in Blue!). Many.

HWC Staffer - Administrator

Believe it or not, we're just as sick of making the same stuff over and over as you guys claim to be. And yet - you always vote for it. There were bets at the beginning of if we'd be making yet another blue Mustang with RRs. I had faith. But someone's eating on my dime tonight. The blue and the RR though - you're really blaming us for that?

teribury  RLC™# 41403

Maybe when RR's have been around for 35 years, Hot Wheels™ will create a Real Riders club, separate from the RLC. Doesn't matter though, people will always find something to complain about.

April 14, 2008      RR vs Neo debate - Tally of both wheels over the years

runestone_lil_river_sc  RLC™# 44718

No matter how much the RSW people (like myself) b!t@h about RR... they always seem to be RR, which sux, this isn't the Real Riders Club is it? Not the last time I checked but it appears that it is...

April 15, 2008      sELECTIONs wheel option

rlwheels  RLC™# 35547

Real Riders yeah, that's awesome, I can really see what all the wise members of this Real Riders club have been able to see for the last few years. How do I change my name? Real Riders... They are so great I can't stop saying it. Real Riders Real Riders Real Riders Real Riders Real Riders. Someone should write a song about Real Riders. That would be unbelievably cool. Maybe a Real Riders anthem that all the conventioneers could sing together at the start of each convention event.

peavine  RLC™# 47814

Okay rlwheels here's your song:

(Sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Blue Real Riders Club
members choosing squishy rubber over redline plastic hubs
the color choice is always blue, from Mustangs to V-dubs
Real Riders, rolling on! (Kind of—)

Glory Glory Blue Real Riders, Glory Glory Blue Real Riders
Glory Glory Blue Real Riders - they look just like the real thing!

The Red Line Club old-timers tried so hard to save the past
but the newbies and the Ultra Hots fans told them, "Kiss my ass".
It's the ending of the era to collect redline diecast
Real Riders, rolling on! (Maybe—)

Glory Glory Blue Real Riders, Glory Glory Blue Real Riders
Glory Glory Blue Real Riders - they look just like the real thing!

hwheelsdude1  RLC™# 15453

Neos should forever be a 4 letter word on this site. Should change the name to Real Riders Club and only offer Real riders for the sELECTIONs. That'll teach us Neos fans where we belong!

April 21, 2008      sELECTIONs #3

hwheelsdude1  RLC™# 15453

Vote? What is there to vote on? It will be offered in a shade of blue and it will wear Real Riders!

36ford  RLC™# 16448

Here's what they should do to save everyone a lot of time. Just say it's blue and will have Real Riders and just have the club vote on the casting. Way quicker that way.

April 23, 2008      Calling all 48000 + - "RLC members" not RR members

pennwalt  RLC™# 48633

Maybe we need a Red Line Club and a seperate Real Riders Club? After reading a lot of the posts here, it seems like the only answer to this problem!

April 24, 2008      Why doesn't Mattel...?

Crazynut7  RLC™# 47843

Make 2 clubs? A Red Line Club and a Real Riders Club? Because obviously we can't have both together. That way everyone's happy...

vetteiac  RLC™# 11241

I am sick of everyone saying "This is the Redline club not the Realrider club". I hate all the Realriders on cars that should have Neos also, but what can you do?

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

Two clubs would be great. Everyone comes to the same address and when you enter in your password your screen changes and you are redirected to the Red Line Club or the Real Rider Club. There's a certain web site out there that Mattel could even redirect the real rider traffic to, without having to design a new page.

Fantasizing about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

June 27, 2008      2008 sELECTIONs™ #4 Open Fire! Rd. 4, Wheels 2

mikesrebel  RLC™# 48598

If you want real riders on EVERY car, we might as well change our name to the Blue Real Riders club!

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