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BlueRealRiders.com Articles MISSION STATEMENT

Posted 01-15-08

The BRRC is a parody. It is an idea given solidity within the electronic realm. There is no real product offered. It is intended to portray certain judgments of the artist/author regarding the HotWheelsCollectors.com membership, and, in a lesser sense, the implementation of inclusionary "marketing hype" aimed at that membership.

Internet art (often called net art) is art or cultural production which uses the Internet as its primary medium or inspiration (but not necessarily as its subject).

net.art is also used as a synonym for net art... In this wider definition, net.art means art that uses the internet as its medium and that cannot be experienced in any other way.

From a meeting of artists and theorists in Trieste, Italy in May 1996, Rachel Greene, Editorial Coordinator and a director of Rhizome.org, curatorial fellow at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and author of Internet Art, sums up the core ideas that were to become the basis for the works related to net.art: "a serious engagement with popular media, a belief in parody and appropriation, a skepticism towards commodified media information and a sense of the interplay of art and life."

Internet art projects are art projects for which the Net is both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing/ expressing/ participating. Internet art can also happen outside the purely technical structure of the internet, when artists use specific social or cultural traditions from the internet in a project outside of it. Internet art is often, but not always, interactive, participatory and based on multimedia in the broadest sense.

-definition by Steve Dietz, former curator in new media at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

Conceptual art is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.

Through its association with the Young British Artists and the Turner Prize during the 1990s, popular usage of the term "Concept art" developed as a synonym for all contemporary art that does not practice the traditional skills of painting and sculpture.