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One Streeter's Act of Courage
Preliminary ranting to benefit the Glass for Streeters® program

The New SouthPark Order suspended purchases of Hot Wheels® cars on Monday to protest the Red Line Club's® bloody crackdown on satirical posts and called on members around the world to stand symbolically with the Neet Streeter™ that braved a column of tanks.

"That image I think is going to be with us a long time," nSPo President Tom Berry told an evening meeting of Hot Wheels® collectors in a departure from a prepared text on rubber tires.

Earlier, at a news conference, Mr. Berry declared that RLC® moderators must learn "it's not going to be business as usual" and accused the RLC® administrators of "brutally suppressing popular and peaceful postings."

Later, Berry told members of the Blue Real Riders® Club he was haunted by the "bravery of that Neet Streeter™ that stood alone in front of the tanks rolling down the main avenue. It was an extraordinary moment in which a spark of heroism that came from nowhere motivated this little car to go out and face this massive force. It seemed to sum up in the most graphic and symbolic way what everybody had been feeling: the power of the individual member to actually have an effect on the might of the RLC®. Doesn't a car that courageous deserve a windowglass?"

In pledging his support to the BRR Club's® Glass for Streeters™ campaign, Berry stated "I will not yield, I will not rest, I will not relent in waging this struggle to provide windows and rubber tires for Neet Streeters™ around the world."

MauserBob  RLC™# 35562

I feel a song coming on... something from John Philip Sousa, perhaps.

I'll stand with ya, bro. United we stand, and all that mumbo-jumbo. Of course, it could just be the 5 A.M. on a Saturday morning before overtime thing talkin'.

loaf  RLC™# 12361

What? No flower?

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

I like windows and sarcasm. Count me in.

Fantasizing about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

gglenn  RLC™# 5291

Your donate button doesn't work.

Note: It does now.

quantum  RLC™# 34272

No justice, no peace! And definitely no pie!

beerchamp  RLC™# 21651

Let them eat cake.................

nspo  RLC™# 18673

Interesting that you should mention food...

Hot Wheels-- the most nutritious metal cars in the world!

redryder31  RLC™# 22294

I will proudly stand beside that Streeter until it receives the glass and rubber it deserves!

That's one courageous little car! Though it's small in stature, its heart is ten times bigger than that tank!

69sscamaro  RLC™# 25372

The courage of one outweighs the cowardice of many! Roll on Neet Streeter to the sound of your own beat.