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Neet Streeter™ Origins: The Catalyst
An innocent thread, gunned down in its prime...

gglenn  RLC™# 5291

Unfortunately, the Neet Streeter omits the window glass. You'd think they could have fixed that mistake when it was retooled.

Bone Shaker  RLC™# 182

Maybe it wasn't a mistake.

I agree, though... a window would be nice.

nspo  RLC™# 18673

And why leave out the glass? I mean, really-- that's just being cheap. I'd like to drill a recent model and see if '36 Coupe glass would fit. I'm gonna start a campaign to bring glass back to the Neet Streeter.

jpdaiv  RLC™# 99495

Coupe glass won't fit, at least not in the post-1970s castings of the Neet Streeter. It could be MADE to fit, but doesn't just drop in as it does in a redline Ford Coupe. I've cut up quite a few, and also found they seldom will interchange bases, but the interiors (kind'a) fit.

As soon as I could create it, I posted a first draft of what would become the GFS Home page. A short time later, I tried to edit the posting and found:

I used my browser's "History" to access the posting, and was told

nspo  RLC™# 18673

So! As soon as I post a big post about the Blue Real Riders Club's new Glass for Streeters® program to help innocent cars achieve the windowglass they deserve, the thread gets yanked, without even a how-de-do from the sneaky sneaker who sneaked in to yank it.

So I had the BRRC® Action Team™ investigate, and found this little exchange:

Originally posted by gglenn:
You'd think they could have fixed that mistake when it was retooled.

Originally posted by [Moderator] Bone Shaker:
Maybe it wasn't a mistake.

And then the Glass for Streeters® announcement, wherein YOU can sponsor a needy Neet Streeter, was moderated. By a moderator, perhaps? How high up does this anti-glass conspiracy reach? Site admins? Mattel™ Board of Directors? The White House!?

gglenn  RLC™# 5291

The omission of the glass was a mistake, whether they think so or not. (IMO).

crum_a  RLC™# 43020

Fantasizing about Blue Real Riders... can you ever really have enough

Finally, I wanted to ask other members for photographic help, but by that time there was only this:

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